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One thing that makes MJS stand out from the crowd is our creative projects. Almost every season, our team gets together to create innovate, cool, and campy content. We strive to think outside of the box to capture our vibe in that moment, Miles, our owner, feels it's very important to get the team creative in more ways than hair.


See below for some of our past videos. 

spring 2019

In this extended version of our Spring 2019 ad, we got together some of our MJS clients. We wanted to capture a group of girls getting ready at our salon before a fun girl's night out. We rented out a nightclub to be sure we captured the full experience and small details. The bathroom scene took us ONE HOUR to film because we were having so much fun and couldn't stop laughing. All in all, this video shoot took from 9am to midnight, between getting the outfits together, hair, makeup and location changes. Looking back, this video still makes us smile and is one of our most liked to date.


This is our Miles Joseph Studios commercial. We took some of the best cuts from the extended version to showcase our salon and creative skill. 

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