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This system of extensions produces the most customizable result in the market as far as color, length, and volume. They are installed into the hair using physical methods rather than chemical ones which is healthier for the hair long term. While hand-tied extensions are wonderful and luxurious, they are not for everyone. They mimic the look of natural hair due to their sheet-like appearance; however, at home maintenance is certainly required. This is not for the wash-n-go girl! We, at MJS, want to give every client an amazing experience and their dream hair. We always guarantee our work and our clients' happiness. We have your back, so trust the process! It’s a journey - not a destination.

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Frequently asked questions

What are hand-tied extensions?

Hand-Tied extensions are a system of extensions that use “curtain-like” wefts of hair that are sewn into a silicone-lined bead attached to the hair. The wefts are hand sewn, which in return creates a strong, yet, thin weft that can support the weight of the hair without altering the integrity of the client’s natural hair.

What are the benefits of hand-tied extensions?

A main benefit of hand-tied extensions is that hand-tied are the most seamless, easiest to blend to your natural hair, and completely customizable for each individual in comparison to other extension systems. Another benefit to hand-tied extensions is there is no bonding chemical or any chemical substance used to attach the extensions to the client’s hair, just some beads, a needle and some thread. And because there is no chemical bonding, there is zero residue left on the client’s hair. It’s also easier for styling – i.e. a pony (high or low), braids etc. With hand-tied, you’re not worried about if your tape-ins or tracks are showing when the wind blows or if you put up your hair because of how thin each weft of hair is and how flat they lay against your scalp.

How long can I keep reusing the same hair?

This is a loaded question. It is completely dependent on each person. The hair itself lasts up to a year, depending on how well it’s taken care of. Installation lasts 8-12 weeks depending on the person / hair growth. At the 6 week mark, we encourage you to come in for a “check in” appointment. This will help us figure out more specifically how long you can keep your extensions in.

Will my hand-tied extensions match the color of my natural hair?

This is where the magic of hand-tied extensions really come into play. Color customization is such a crucial step in ensuring the seamless blend of the extensions and your natural hair. At Miles Joseph Studios, we set up a workshop to fully dedicate our ability to color each extension with ease and to maximize the blend dimension (if desired).

Does my hair need to be a certain length or texture for the hand-tied extension service?

In order to achieve the most blended result possible, it's encouraged to consider hand-tied extensions with at least shoulder length hair. Of course it depends on how much hair you are looking to have, but definitely at least shoulder length hair. In terms of texture, that is something that definitely needs to be discussed. If you’re hair is naturally frizzy or coarse, it's almost necessary to get a texture treatment, we recommend the Brazilian Blowout. In order to give our clients the best experience possible, the color and cut are necessary to match but the texture of hair is a crucial step.

I Want Them, So Now What?

First, We must get your natural hair to the color of your dreams (i.e. Balayage, Foilyage etc.). Once your natural hair is to your dream color / tone, we need to determinewhether or not you need a texture treatment to smooth out your natural hair tobest match the texture of the extensions. Next, we will custom color your extensions (if needed) to ensurethe extensions match your hair seamlessly. This step is done prior to theappointment of the installation. Last, we install the extensions in your hair! Once fully installed, we will cut and style your extensions to blend with your natural hair!